Mountain Race - Krali Marko's Trail - Prilep, Macedonia - October 2nd, 2011

KMT (Krali Marko's Trail) Mountain Race - 2011

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Tourist Agency BRACO - Prilep and Mountaineering Club MAKPETROL - Skopje are pleased to announce that First Edition of the Mountain Race - "Following in the trails of King Marko - 2011" will take place on October 2nd 2011 (Sunday). Treskavec is old orthodox monastery built in 13th century, near the rocky peak Zlatovrv (Golden Peak). All this area is under protection of UNESCO.

Route charasterictics

Length : 16 km - the track is clearly marked with small red / white straps and small banners
Pos./Neg altitude change : +770 m
/ -770 m
Start : entrance of mon. Treskavec (1250 m)
Finish : entrance of mon. Treskavec (1250 m)
Average up / down slope gradient : +9 % / -9 %
Max. up / down slope gradient : +45 % / -27 %

Note: Due to recent forest fires, as well as for better organization of the race, the original track was replaced by a new one, which begins and ends at the monastery. The first 4 km from the monastery is downhill by the makadam road. Then follows a relatively flat part of a wide unpaved road. At suburb of Varosh - by the famous Elephant rock - begins last leg of the trail - climbing dirt, rock and grass trail to the monastery. One segment is steep slanting stone block that has a cable set for assistance (like via ferrata. That is the steepest part of the track.

race route

track profile


The race can participate anyone who wishes and who feel himself / herself ready to withstand the challenge of the race.   The lower age limit is 16 years - so anyone who has turned 16 years old can participate.Theare are no upper age limit.

There is a limit in the number of participants -   50 competitors.   After fullfilling the limit of 50 participants new applications will be rejected.

Registrations will be accepted until September 26, 2011, or until the fullfilling limit of 50 competitors.



Saturday (October 1st): Departure from Skopje by bus in the morning at 7:00 in front of the Post office near Central Train Station. Arrival in Prilep. Walk from suburb Varosh to mon. Treskavec (6 km). Race registration, bib numbers, dinner.
There is a possibility for those who want to be active that day - we will organize a hiking tour - climb to Kozjak peak near Pletvar village -interesting peak with a wonderful view of the wider area.
Because of the specificity of the accommodation, we ask participants to look after and to respect the dignity of the monastery.

Sunday (October 2nd): Wake-up at 7 am for the competitors. Breakfast up to 8 am. Race start at 9:00. The race will have three refresment stations - with water, chopped bananas, lemons and sugar cubes. Prize giving ceremony at 1 pm. Lunch. Going back to Prilep at 5 pm and return to Skopje.


Price For foreign runners: 7 EUR
Price for racer's supporters and visitors: 15 EUR.

Price includes transportation from / to Skopje, accommodation at the monastery complex and food for those two days (Saturday and Sunday).


Awards - for the first three male and female competition - medals.
Every participants will receive Certificate of Participation - Diploma.

Race registration on e-mail : with Subject: Treskavec 2011

The application mail should include:
1 First Name, Last Name
2 Date of Birth
3 Country
4 City
5 Club (mountaineering, athletic)
6 Previous results on mountain or other races

Applications will be accepted until September 26, 2011.


PSD Makpetrol Skopje
Trajce Pankovski

monastery Treskavec

Race track in 13 segments - with km marks and Refreshment points (Osv.)

Part 1 : Descent from monastery to the saddle

Part 2

Part 3 : Refreshment point no. 1

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 : suburb Varosh - under mon. St. Archangel Michael

Part 7 : suburb Varosh and "Elephant" rock - Refreshment point no. 2

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11 : small creek and "via ferrata" part

Part 12 : Refreshment point no. 3 - Crkviste

Part 13 : Last 2 km