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Makpetrol AD – Skopje (Administrative building)
Sv. Kiril i Metodij 4, 1000 Skopje
+389 2 311 2144

Because safety is our priority

The laboratory has a clearly defined quality policy, the main objective of which is to ensure the quality of laboratory test results that meet and exceed user requirements.


Accreditation by UKTS


Accreditation by IARM

Examinations and standards
The Makpetrol AD laboratory works in accordance with the MKS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, while implementing all international standards. The quality of laboratory services is achieved by control in all aspects of the laboratory processes, and through participation in inter-laboratory comparisons (Proficiency Testing), an assessment of laboratory performance, professionalism and competence is provided. The laboratory has qualified and trained personnel and has testing equipment that complies with standard test methods for petroleum derivatives, biodiesel and antifreeze: gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, JET-A1, aviation gasoline, fuel oil, EL, oils, LPG and antifreeze.

List of accredited testing methods