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In 1998, for the first time in R. N. Macedonia, the Verna chip card launched by Makpetrol – Skopje appears on the market. Until today, this type of card is successfully used in our country. The Verna card is widely distributed in R. N. Macedonia with more than 50,000 users.


  • Non-cash payment method;
  • Accurate information about which person refueled, at what time and where;
  • Only authorized persons can use the card;
  • Since each person has their own identification card and their own PIN code, which is basically a secret electronic signature, the possibility of someone using the card that will eventually be lost or stolen is eliminated;
  • Possibility of obtaining records of consumption for each vehicle individually (to what extent the user of the vehicle reported the condition of the mileage at the moment of refueling);
  • The possibility to send you the data from the specification of the individual expenses by e-mail for each invoice, and thus the possibility for your simplified and more accurate records;
  • If you have the right to deduct VAT based on an invoice that is for the group of vehicles with the right to deduct VAT, VAT can be deducted, and not based on the individual invoices issued by the point of sale.


Each vehicle has its own card that may not be used for another vehicle. When you approach a gas station before filling up with fuel, you clearly state that you will use a Verna card.
After you fill up with fuel, the card is placed in a suitable reader, and the seller prepares a bill. At your request, the seller is obliged to enter the status of the mileage and you give your identification card.
You enter your pin code yourself. The bill must be signed by both parties (the buyer and the seller). You take the cards and a copy of the bill for your use.


The contract is concluded with your company, which assumes the obligation to pay the invoices. A card is issued individually for each vehicle that you request. At your request, the vehicles can be divided into two groups: vehicles with the right to deduct VAT (trucks, etc.) and vehicles that do not have the right to deduct VAT (passenger vehicles). A separate invoice is prepared for each group. Individual identification cards and PIN codes are issued for each user authorized by you to use the vehicles. Each of the registered users can use any vehicle, with the number of the vehicle and who made purchases with the card from that vehicle being recorded. It is common for the number of users to be greater than the number of vehicles. The invoicing period and the currency of payment are according to the signed contract. An invoice must be prepared at the end of the month. A specification for each individual use of the cards is submitted in addition to the invoice. The specification contains the following data: number of the card used, point of sale where the purchase was made, for which vehicle that card is, vehicle type, invoice number, invoice date, product code and name, quantity, unit price and total amount. The costs are grouped by user and the specification contains their identification number in the company where they are employed and their full name and surname. In the Agreement, it is determined whether the card can be used to buy goods from the entire range of Makpetrol, or the possiblity to limit that the Agreement applies only to fuels. The limit can be determined at the company level or individually by vehicle. The conditions for renewing the limit are specified in the Agreement. If, when refueling, it is regularly recorded in the account and the status of the mileage, it is possible to prepare an overview of the average consumption by vehicle. An agreement is concluded for the Verna card, which is modified depending on the needs of the business partner. With advance and deferred payment, agreements are concluded with the commercial service in Makpetrol Skopje. If agreements with advance payment are concluded, they are concluded in the Department for Verna cards.


List of vehicles for which you want us to issue you cards. The list should contain the following data:
  • Type of vehicle (with a description of whether it is passenger or cargo)
  • Vehicle registration number
  • If the limit is per vehicle, a limit expressed in MKD is required individually for each vehicle;
  • Whether the vehicle is entitled to a VAT refund or not.
  • List of persons, with first and last name, who are allowed to use the card and their identification number in your company. If you do not have identification numbers, our suggestion is to use the data of the first five numbers from the Personal Identification Number.


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Contact number for contracts: 3146 172.
Contact numbers for information: 3146 245,
3146 232.