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Макпетрол АД – Скопје (Управна зграда)
Св. Кирил и Методиј 4, 1000 Скопје
+389 2 311 2144

Donation from Makpetrol for primary schools in Centar Municipality

For a successful start of the school year, the Municipality of Centar distributed backpacks to all first graders in the schools as a donation from Makpetrol.
This year, Makpetrol celebrates 75 years from its foundation, a period during which Makpetrol has devoted a large part of its resources, time and energy to further education and professional development of its employees. The company is consistently among the most desirable employers in the country, and one of the main reasons for this is that it provides personal and career development to its team members. This confirms the value we attach to education, and with that in mind, we realized this donation of backpacks for all first-graders in the Municipality of Centar, which we hope will make them happy and help them overcome school challenges.