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Макпетрол АД – Скопје (Управна зграда)
Св. Кирил и Методиј 4, 1000 Скопје
+389 2 311 2144

The ideas and actions of entrepreneurs are generators of economic development, selflessly and visionarily creating a framework for overall social progress and social stability. Entrepreneurship is the only known path to development and prosperity. Its spirit has so far created everything that we know in the world as good and advanced. Entrepreneurs support the role of the state, as a guarantee for the development of entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial positive spirit, as well as the entrepreneurial culture and environment, which, with its policies, will ensure and encourage activism in solving all economic and social challenges, i.e. the state will protect individuality of every participant in the economic processes. A role that will ensure freedom of interconnection of entrepreneurs and protection of all their rights. Hence, entrepreneurship has a key contribution in establishing an open, free and responsible society, directing it towards development and general well-being. Therefore, the World Congress of Entrepreneurs joins efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Organization by 2030. Considering the huge importance of entrepreneurship, the participants of the Regional Summit of Entrepreneurs from Central and South Eastern Europe “300 Best”, held in Dubrovnik on 5.3.2016, launched an initiative, and the World Congress of Entrepreneurs in Zagreb 2018 made a decision that in the future, on a global level, 5 March will be celebrated as the World Day of Entrepreneurs. This very year, 2021, has been designated as the year in which the celebration of the World Entrepreneurs’ Day will begin. The International Council for the Celebration of World Entrepreneurs’ Day, as a central global coordinating body, invites all entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, institutions, local and regional communities, media, etc. to get involved in the celebration of 5 March – the World Day of Entrepreneurs.