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Макпетрол АД – Скопје (Управна зграда)
Св. Кирил и Методиј 4, 1000 Скопје
+389 2 311 2144

New Makpetrol gas station of in Veles

The company opened a new gas station in the city of Veles, which joins the modern network of Makpetrol gas stations throughout the country. This gas station, just like the others, is equipped according to the highest world standards and will meet the daily needs of consumers from the city of Veles and its surroundings. The new investment of Makpetrol comes in the year when the company celebrates 75 years of existence on the Macedonian market, a period during which, as a leader in the oil derivatives market, it has continuously strived to improve its products and services.

The ULTRA fuels of the new generation are available at this gas station, recently improved with the most modern Dual Action Technology, which enables reduced consumption and increased energy efficiency. In addition, the gas station includes a Shop&Drive market with a wide range of products where consumers can get everything they need.